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Helping families find or maintain other non-shelter accommodations until permanent housing can be secured.  

What is Diversion?

Diversion is a program that helps families at the door of shelter focus on the resources they already have, to find or maintain other non-shelter accommodations, while working with the family to secure attainable housing. Families already experiencing homelessness doubled-up in the home of family or friends or living in a hotel, can often be diverted from shelter to avoid the trauma of another move. Our goal is to help the family mediate relationships to stay where they are for up to 30 days. Advocates help the family identify housing options that fit their family’s needs and budget. We guide families through budgeting, education, and life skills to housing without the need to bring their children into shelter.


Family advocates work with the family to:

  • Mediate relationships with friends or family to secure a safe place to stay for 30 days

  • Agency referrals and transportation assistance to secure other services

  • Advocacy with landlords to secure housing despite barriers (i.e. previous evictions, low credit scores, etc.)

  • Provide financial assistance to secure housing (i.e. first month's rent, security deposit, and/or utility deposits)

Once housing has been secured, families are then engaged in our Keeping the Promise stability program immediately for up to two years to help maintain housing and work towards their long-term stability goals. 

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