Temporary Shelter

Our temporary shelter program and warm hospitality is the foundation of the Family Promise model.

Across this country, communities offer hospitality to families through Family Promise Affiliates. The innovative model — using existing space like congregations and volunteers motivated by compassion —has helped hundreds of thousands of children and adults in our national network of 200+ Affiliates. Working with community resources, Family Promise Affiliates provide comprehensive and targeted services, including extensive case management, at 1/3 the cost of traditional shelter. Furthermore, Family Promise Affiliates serve families of all compositions, often providing their only shelter option in a community.

And it works.

On average, 88% of the people served in the shelter program secure housing within nine weeks. Because of the depth of services and community support, families stay housed, and Affiliates provide both prevention and stabilization services to increase their impact.


Family Promise of Hamilton County partners with 15 host and support sites in Hamilton County, Indiana.  The host sites shelter guest families for one week, Sunday evening through Sunday morning, four times per year. Once a family enters the rotational program, they arrive at the host site via our Family Promise van or their own personal car. Guests are able to enjoy a hot meal with each other and volunteers from either the host site or other support sites. Each guest family is provided their own room and each person their own cot with linens. 

The next morning, guest families  wake up at the host site and leave for the day between 6am and 7am. The host site will provide guest families with options for a grab and go breakfast, sack lunch, and snacks. Parents and children are then free to depart for work and school or our Family Promise van can transport the family back to the day center. If a family does not have their own reliable transportation, our Family Advocates will work with them to meet their specific transportation needs.


Our day center provides a home base for families to receive case management, shower, do laundry, eat meals, and look for housing and employment. Around 5pm the families reconvene at the day center and travel back to the host site by their personal vehicle or the Family Promise van. 

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