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Stability Services

Helping the families we serve not only succeed today but remain stable in their housing, financial capability and career paths tomorrow.

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Workforce development. Partners in Housing. Financial capability. Health and wellness. Homelessness has many causes and housing stability involves many solutions. Family Promise of Hamilton County has developed and implemented many programs that address every aspect of stabilization. We continue to work with families for up to two years to ensure their stability and success.

Some get to the heart of core needs, such as childcare and job training, that families face in order to regain self-sufficiency. Other initiatives find ways to match the strengths of local volunteers and the interests of local corporations with the needs of our guests, like financial literacy and mentoring. Similarly, many initiatives build off core tenets of the foundational shelter program itself, leading to efforts like food assistance, furniture and clothing donation, and health and wellness programs.

But our goal is not simply getting families into housing; it is keeping them in housing.

The key to this is identifying needs specific to Hamilton County and tapping into the diverse resources our volunteer pool and partnerships provide. The result is families no longer at risk of homelessness or housing insecurity. 

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