Corina R. 

“I support Family Promise because I have lived in this county my entire life and I love the people! Our poverty and needs may not look the same as other counties, but they still exist and there just aren't enough resources available. This ministry in general has been such a blessing in my life. We are blessing families but yet I am the one who feels blessed to be involved. My favorite story would be just the relationships I have made. Not just with our families/guests but with Nancy and Brittny, and with people at my church who serve on our team whom I had never met prior to this ministry. These people are now my friends for life.”

Shannon J. 

“I support  Family Promise because I believe that every child derserves a home and safe place to sleep. I also believe families should be kept together. I believe that because Family Promise exists the families enrolled will be able to witness the hands and feet of Jesus through the FPOHC staff, volunteers, and other agencies involved in helping these families regain stability. One of my favorite memories of serving with FPOHC was being able to have a small birthday party for one of the children who stayed with our congregation. The child was so excited to have cake and presents. I feel like it showed the parents that the people who volunteer with Family Promise really do care about them and their children.”

The Hoover Family 

“We moved to Noblesville in 2015. Prior to that we lived in Raleigh, NC. Our church participated in Raleigh in Family Promise and we became very active in that mission, eventually serving as host coordinators for our church. When we arrived in Noblesville we wanted to find ways to serve. FPOHC provides valuable services and support for families in our community, and our whole family gets to serve and help-it's a great program. My favorite experiences are when the families graduate and move into permanent housing. When the families stay overnight at your church for a week, there is a bond of friendship formed. When your new friends have success and are able to find a home, it feels so great to know that you were a small part of that. It makes you happy to know their kids will have a home and that they all can move forward as a family because of FPOHC.”