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Jenn M.

“FPoHC has been such a huge help to me and my family. I was in a terrible situation and needed some help getting back on my feet. Kaydee and Karly were and continue to be supportive in any way they can. These ladies take the time to get to know you and truly care. I look forward to our continuing relationship!”

Leslie V. 

“When we came to Family Promise we had been evicted, abused, and I was broken. We were so nervous to start but also happy. It was as if we were saved from something and now safe. Over time, I realized I could be independent and more confident again thanks to the program and staff. Our life is so much better having been part of Family Promise."

PNO Howard Girls_edited.jpg

Ashley H. 

Family Promise has helped me out so much from bills to clothing and diapers for my kids. I am so grateful to have a place like Family Promise I can go to when I need help with something, advice or even connections to other resources. It's such an amazing place and the people that work there are just as great!"

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